Risks & Faith

I read an article in last Sunday’s Buffalo News about how most people coming to Buffalo, NY are immigrants and that a large portion of them become entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging starting and running your own business can be, and marvel at those who willingly take on these challenges when English is their second language. Considering how many other struggles immigrants face, not the least of which could be living in a refugee camp, starting your own business may seem easy in comparison! That got me thinking about risk and ambition.

Many of us would rather not take more risks in life than is absolutely necessary. But in risk, there is reward. Taking risks is an act of courage; an act of faith. It could be viewed, in that sense, as an act of love for one’s own right to carve out a piece of reality to call one’s own. How many times have we been overcome by fear and doubt and took an easy (and secure) path only to find it mediocre at best? There is thrill in taking risks, knowing that it’s your own power of choice in action. Certainly some people struggle executing reasonable judgment and may take on too many risks only to suffer all manner of grief as a result.

As a financial planner, I oftentimes help clients determine their comfort for risk, in terms of investment. Most of my clients are in the middle-of-the-road camp, preferring to take some -but not a lot- of investment risk. Life is risky, whether you’re a risk taker or not. There are some things in life worth for which taking a well-thoughtout leap of faith does you good.

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1 Response to Risks & Faith

  1. avemour says:

    This is like reading buddhist writings. I forget in places that it’s about finance, it makes so much sense it could be about anything. Which makes the financial points hit home very clearly. LOVE it!

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