“Worrying about money never paid a bill.”

So says Sarah Ban Breathnach in her wonderful book “Simple Abundance”. If you’re a women and do not yet own this book, I strongly encourage you to either go purchase it or put it on your wish list.
This week’s topic in the devotional focuses on money. I love her approach and agree with it wholeheartedly. Worrying comes naturally to some more than others, but most of us do it at times. I think worrying represents a more deep- seated issue; a lack of faith.

In an earlier post I wrote about comparing ourselves to others. When we worry, we are comparing ourselves to others and even to former versions of ourselves. It’s not only NOT helpful, but harmful. Dealing with a situation rationally and calmly, especially when it comes to finances, is always the better route to take but, according to behavioral finance specialists, nearly impossible to execute. My friend, Dr. Elvira Aletta explains that this is because our “lizard brain” (the part of our brain that controls our “fight or flight” response) which helps us run away from a bear also gears up to prepare us to run away from a bear market. The physiological response is almost identical. This is what happens when we worry, we inflict a useless dose of adrenaline on our already stressed out body and mind. She suggests what you can do to stop this reaction; work with spirit, be inspired, respirate, in other words BREATHE!

Breath work is helpful in many circumstances because it will slow down your heart rate, deactivate that lizard brain, and oxygenate the rational center of our brain so that we can literally think clearly. Now, some people may find it helpful to pray or repeat a mantra to help them out of that cyclical worry habit long enough to regain their faith and ability to act in a positive way. One mantra that may help in this instance is “I have enough” or “I have what I need” or “I will find a way to make this work.”.

It is important to remember, “In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” ~ Oscar Wilde, in “The Soul of Man under Socialism”

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