Did you ever think about someone from your past and then see them within a day or two? Were you ever talking about a song and it came on the radio? Then you’ve experienced synchronicity. If not, maybe you’re not paying attention.

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “mind over matter” and now, with the help of neuro-psychologists and neuro-econonomists (yes, there really is such a group!), we’re finding that the brain does, in fact, play a very important role in our financial lives…if we use it wisely and carefully (careful = full of care).

If you’ve read the book “The Secret” (and if not, you really should) then you have an inkling as to what these “coincidences” may mean and how to create more of them in your life to help you achieve your particular goals. I’m always amazed at synchronicity’s role in my life and in the lives of those I know. I have a sister who lives in perpetual synchronicity, but she wonders what it means. I think it means that you had better pay close attention to what you’re thinking, because thoughts are creative and manifest in the real world.

If you have thoughts of wanting, lacking, then that is what you will experience. If you have thoughts of abundance, then that’s what you’ll experience. It’s another lesson from the “glass-half-full” philosophy. Even if you are, by nature, a “glass-half-empty” kind of person (I happen to know and love one dearly), you can train yourself to think differently. Yes, you can, and what have you got to lose by at least trying?

Creative visualization is used by coaches all the time, to help their players/clients/students achieve a certain outcome.

Here’s an experiment: Think of one financial outcome you would like to manifest within one week (no, this isn’t one of those annoying emails that you have to forward to 11 of your friends, but, oddly, works on the same premise in that you’re crafting your thoughts/wishes). Think about it in as clear terms as you can, with as many details you can think of (such as the people you may need to help you, the image of the number you want, the statement of the account you hope this to manifest in, etc…). This improves the probability that you will get exactly what you want, and not a close-but-no-cigar consolation prize. Just try it. And pay attention to the signs (“coincidences”) you see along the way. Let me know what happens, I’d like to hear your stories.

About Amy Jo Lauber

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