Taking a Break

This week many school children, including my daughter, are on winter break. I initially struggled with what to do with work this week, but eventually gave in to the break myself; planning enjoyable activities with my daughter.
Sometimes it’s hard to take a break, but it is completely necessary to relax, refresh, and recharge yourself in order to tackle the following week/day/month with new-found vigor.

In scripture, we are commanded to set a day aside per week to relax and devote time to our faith and family. Why do you think this is? I think it’s because, without such a commandment, we probably wouldn’t take so many breaks for fear we’d fall behind on our work (only to have it pile up on us) or, worse, risk rendering ourselves less necessary, valuable or available in our competitive work force. Fear is an indication that we have lost faith. That’s why we need a commandment!
When we cannot rely on our own strength of conviction, we may need the help of a higher power’s discipline.

The breaks in our lives force us to examine our “daily round” (as author Sarah Ban Breathnach calls it) and determine what really needs to be done, when, and why. This contemplation will give us the tools we need to free up our schedule to do not only what must be done at the conclusion of the break, but what we need to do to feed our souls. The breaks help us identify our priorities and then live accordingly.

I often encourage clients who are embarking on the journey of creating their financial plan to set aside an evening or two to go on an excursion to a place they’d enjoy, a date night if it’s a couple, because they’ll need their physical, mental and emotional strength to go on this journey. They’ll also need the mental clarity -that can only come from inner and outer conversations – (without the breaks, we’d never have) to establish goals, priorities and realistic timeframes.

So, enjoy the break and the wisdom in it.

About Amy Jo Lauber

I help people who are overwhelmed take control & make good financial decisions with confidence and experience peace and abundance. Are you ready to say goodbye to working hard but not having anything to show for it? Go to www.lauberfinancialplanning.com "Let's Talk" tab to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and take the first step on the path to financial empowerment.
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