The Error in Judging our Blessings & The Wisdom of a Lazy River Ride

I am a grateful person. In fact, when asked to create a bio on myself for a local business paper’s awards program, the one word I used to describe myself (in contrast to my fellow awardees’ responses of “Driven”, “Responsive”, “Focused”, etc…) was “grateful”. I am. I recognize all the many, many ways in which I am blessed. So, imagine my surprise when I realized that I was crafting my ideal size, shape, and timing of blessings and being more than a little frustrated that they weren’t coming to me in such a way. What a horrible grateful person I am!

Now, if you have read/seen “The Secret”, this act of describing and envisioning your treasure in specific detail is exactly what you should be doing to attract into your live the particular blessings you desire. Disclosure: I have seen it and use it and am truly amazed at its results. However, I’ve been using it perhaps a bit too much in my business (business plan, business and sales coaches all encourage you to develop your goals, and, oh, I guess I do a fair amount of that as well with my clients as their financial coach) and wonder if I’ve lost focus on looking for the blessings wherever, however, and whenever they may occur. Let me segue into the Lazy River ride at Fantasy Island.

Two things you may or may not know about me: I generally do not enjoy water slides or water rides when large quantities of water are dumped on my head and I have control issues. So every time I would “ride” it with my daughter and husband (and Mother-in-law) I would avoid those areas that I didn’t like. (I use the quotation marks because, in reality, I didn’t ride it; I put my legs through the inner tube of the Lazy River ride so that I may walk through – and control – the waterway at my speed and in the direction I want to go. Like I said, control issues.)

Yesterday, being 98 degrees, my husband, daughter and I headed up to Fantasy Island (like everyone else in WNY, it seemed) to go to the water park. I decided that I would sit properly in the inner tube and allow the current to take me where it would. I have to tell you, I enjoyed it so much more. I noticed all the little flowers growing along the side, the beautiful cloud formations, I heard my daughter’s giggles more clearly and, realized what a blessing it was that we had the time, money and opportunity to even come to an amusement park and that I had the great gifts of sight and hearing. Oddly enough, the deluge of water (fondly called “the mushroom” by people who enjoy this kind of thing) was not horrible (the second time in I got stuck in the waterfall, turning and turning under it which was most unpleasant, but, I survived to blog about it). AND I went down the water slide and the toilet bowl ride (I’m sure it’s called something else but essentially that’s what it is) more times than I can count and – except for one particularly harsh run – enjoyed it.

So I have my “Blessings glasses” on, hoping to see all of them more clearly. I invite you to get a pair of these glasses, too.

About Amy Jo Lauber

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