Glory Days & Holding Onto Your Fork

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about “glory days”; those years when we felt like winners. For some people, these days were experienced in high school. I attended my high school reunions this month (there were two dates, and now I’ve started another “virtual” reunion on facebook for those who couldn’t attend either in person). Reunions are funny; the type of gathering you have (who comes and -perhaps most importantly- why they come) changes from decade to decade. I noticed that, at this particular milestone year, most in attendance came as themselves… some came by themselves. I suppose enough time has passed that we no longer need to put up facades for people who probably no longer care. But I suspect there were a few that either wanted to relive those years or wanted to demonstrate that their glory days were right now.

Which brings me to my point.
Glory days are what we determine them to be.

There is an email story that’s been forwarded many, many times but it pertains to my post, so bear with me while I sum it up here. The story is of an elderly woman who, when her time comes, wants to be laid out in the coffin with a fork in her hand. She explains to her friends that whenever she goes to a dinner party and the host tells you to “hold onto your fork”, it means that something wonderful (in this case, dessert) is yet to come. The woman tells this story as a story about heaven. It reminds us that even better things are coming if we follow a simple instruction.

Financially, things are pretty tough right now for most people. It may be easy to think back to another time – to our glory days – and long for them, for the limelight, for the money, for the respect, for the praise etc…they provided. While recalling memories is enjoyable, grasping onto them holds you back from what you can accomplish today and in the future. You are deceiving yourself if you believe that your glory days are behind you.

Remember to hold onto your fork because better days still lay ahead. Make up your mind to enjoy more glory days this week, this month, this year, this decade, this century.

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