There’s a Fine Line Between Being Resourceful & Being a Hoarder

I was raised with the values of resourcefulness and frugality; we didn’t throw away most things. Everything served another purpose; be that in the compost, the recycle bin, or made into something else useful.

Some have called this “Polish packrat syndrome.”

I enjoy being resourceful – and encourage others to be – because it prompts creative thinking and respect of things. I think this fosters love and peace.

Some month’s ago, I bought this fantastic watch that I’d wanted for a while (they had sold out of it and just got another shipment). It came in a sturdy box with – get this – a pillow. The watch was resting on a pillow.

I, of course, could not simply throw out said pillow (resourcefulness and a hatred for adding to the landfull were my obstacles), so I stood there, holding it, wondering what I could possibly do with it.

I think this is how some people become hoarders and, indeed, when I have the guts to watch the tv shows about people who hoard, many of them are resourceful and loathe adding to the landfill. Their homes are filled with items that they believe have no where else to go. The items become “orphaned” and the owners develop an emotional attachment to them as they “save” them from doom.

Hmm, just on the heels of me wanting to declutter and be all Zen.

But I could not throw it out.
I found a use for it. It became a pillow for our daughter’s Barbie doll.

Sweet dreams Barbie.

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3 Responses to There’s a Fine Line Between Being Resourceful & Being a Hoarder

  1. nancy says:

    your granddaughter will love it! blessings

  2. I can relate Amy Jo! In my quest to downsize, I haven’t had to throw out much; I have been able to find a “home away from home” for most things. It’s crunch time though. I need to get rid of more things and I’m wrestling with giving away or trying to sell. Or the choice between give away (LOTS of kids toys, books, Barbies, games, etc. or save for when grand kids come over ( they are 2 years old and one on the way, so it might be a while before they really make use of them). I just can’t take everything with me to a smaller house. Decisions, decisions…

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