The Mid-Year Financial Tune-up

Good day! I’m sharing my friend’s wise post about taking a Financial Health Day.

Financial Transitions

We’ve all heard of taking a “Health Day.” A day set aside whether for doctor and dentist appointments, or just to catch up on some much needed rest. What about a “Financial Health Day?” A full day devoted to all those nagging “to-do” items on our financial list: automating bills, balancing retirement accounts, the out-of-date budget, record keeping, and the list goes on.

This is the perfect time of year to take that day, or maybe two, and untangle all the complexities of finances.

REBALANCING Financial Health day is as good a day as any to rebalance your retirement and other investment accounts. Better yet, see if automatic rebalancing is an option on your account and if so, agree to a rebalancing every three or six months.

FILE CABINETS We all take great care in assuring that we have security freezes on our credit files, which make it nearly impossible for…

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