I Should’ve Known I Was An Entrepreneur When…

I was 24 and didn’t think I should be paid holiday pay.

My financial services career started when I began working for a company that offered    403(b) & 457(b) retirement plan platforms (the non-profit and local government versions, respectively, of the 401(k) plan) and became an “Account Executive.”

I remember looking at my business card and showing it to my parents with such pride… Account Executive.

The job offered a salary (the equivalent of a little more than minimum wage, but enough to make the position less risky) and commissions. The majority of my income was from commissions, which lead me to connect effort and payment early on in my professional life (though I am not a natural sales person, AT ALL). 

What was curious to me was that I received the salary even if there was a holiday or if I called in sick.

Being paid when I hadn’t actually worked or demonstrated value was weird to me.
Though I never considered myself entrepreneurial, this surely was a sign of things to come.

Fast forward 20 years I am, indeed, an entrepreneur. And I absolutely LOVE it. I am like an ex-smoker who thinks every smoker needs to quit (actually, I am, and I do);
I think everyone should have a small business of something or another.

Make soap.

Be a business consultant for practitioners of the healing arts.

Start a dog grooming service.

Sell your recorded laugh as an app.

Make jewelry from beach glass. beach glass

(Actually I know people who do all of these things.)

Nothing will help you discover, define and develop your unique skills, strengths and value quite like an enterprise.

Your life energy.

Your authentic gift.

Your value.

Like the artist, once you determine you have something that is valuable in your own eyes, you may find other people who also find it valuable and are willing to exchange money for it.what makes you come alive

Now don’t start getting money and worth confused, that’s not where I am going. What I am saying is, as Pablo Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Need some inspiration? Read this blog post from Your Life & Money: “How to Start Your Own Side Hustle.”

Don’t settle for payment when you haven’t, actually, offered anything in exchange. Offer your highest purpose to those who may benefit from it and reap the joyful rewards, one of which is money.

About Amy Jo Lauber

I help people who are overwhelmed take control & make good financial decisions with confidence and experience peace and abundance. Are you ready to say goodbye to working hard but not having anything to show for it? Go to www.lauberfinancialplanning.com "Let's Talk" tab to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and take the first step on the path to financial empowerment.
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2 Responses to I Should’ve Known I Was An Entrepreneur When…

  1. John Armesto says:

    Wow, you were a smoker. So was I. Sometimes your passion is right in front of your face and thus hard to focus on.

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