Why anthropologists should read romance novels–exhibit A

An interesting take on socio-economics.

Why Get Hitched

Over the weekend, a man, an anthropologist named Melvin Konner, published a piece in the eminent Wall Street Journal, celebrating the prospect of a world run by women.  He insisted he was not celebrating the rather obvious way that women have ruled the world, by their central role in reproducing and educating everybody, male and female.  No, he wasn’t being patronizing in that way, he said.  Rather, he was looking forward to a world in which women constituted a majority of all CEOs, generals, presidents, senators, lead academics, etc.

I think he’s probably right that women are more pacific–and that a matriarchy like this would mean less war.  But the world he envisions seems to me impossible.

May I gently suggest that he would never reach this conclusion if he did a little contemporary anthropological research, and reflected on what that might mean for the homo sapiens–the anthropos that should…

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