Feeling overwhelmed about financial decisions?
Scared of making a mistake?
Anxious about change?
Conflicted about wanting money but not wanting money?

Amy Jo Lauber is the author of Living Inspired and Financially Empowered: Aligning Our Spiritual and Material Lives

She a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM professional and Registered Investment Advisor in private practice (fee-only). Amy Jo helps those who feel like they they can’t get ahead to get control of their finances so they can experience abundance and serenity.

A student of behavioral finance, Amy Jo strives to understand each clients’ unique needs, situation, goals and values and guides them to align their financial resources and behaviors to achieve their objectives.

The result: Professional, objective, holistic financial guidance, coaching, planning, and advice.

3 Responses to About

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Amy,

    I would like to hire a financial planner for my parents in the Buffalo, NY area. How might I contact you to discuss?

    Thank you,

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