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Thank You India – A Series of Observations #3: The Smile of a Salesman

Our tour guides brought us to two remarkable places to purchase some of India’s finest goods: One that made hand-woven (oriental style) rugs in Delhi and one that made marble inlaid items in Agra. The store in Delhi is the result … Continue reading

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Thank you India – A Series Of Observations #1 Cookies, Turbulence and the Meaning of Hope

India is a place of contrasts, all interwoven by the blessed threads of life. There is extreme poverty (but never despair, that I noticed), a surrender to the Divine in all aspects of life, and beauty beyond description. Seventeen of us … Continue reading

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Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook about walking our walk in life. I know many life coaches, personal trainers, sales consultants etc. and we all work to help people improve their lives based on each person’s unique vision of what an … Continue reading

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